About Le Grand Concours

The National French Contest Coordinator for our chapter, Jeremy Estell, has sent information via email to French teachers in the state of Arkansas. If you currently do not receive information about the exam and would like to be added to the list, please fill out this form.

Beginning in 2016, the NFC changed to an online test. If you experience problems during your testing, please contact Jeremy at the chapter email. 

The National French Contest/Le Grand Concours is an annual competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. 

Students of French in grades 1-12, in all 50 states and abroad, take a test competing against students with similar educational background for prizes. Grades 1-6 participate in the FLES Contest while 7-12 in the Secondary Contest. 

Students are entered via their French teacher. Teachers do not have to be members of AATF in order for students to participate, although students of members do receive a discount. Home school parents and/or private tutors can request information on participation.

Past copies of the Contest are available for purchase for review and practice purposes.  Audio scripts and scoring keys for past years are also available from headquarters. For more information, visit the national website.