National French Contest Immersion Workshop
2015:  Date and Location TBA

AATF offers and immersion with professional development hours every February or March about the National French Contest.  This session provides teachers with a better understanding of Le Grand Concours. We discuss what exactly this test is, a history of the test, how to prepare your students for the test, the benefits of taking the test, how AATF prepares for the test, how it is graded, comparisons from states nationally, and the areas that the test is focused on.  The entire session is in French.  After Le Grand Concours workshop and work time, the group will have Café et Conversation to discuss what they learned and different classroom strategies for success in the classroom as well as getting to know each other. 

AFLTA State Conference

Half-Day French Immersion
2014:  October 3; Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs, AR


“CSI: Québec” by Kristophe Morehead

Contextualized Student Input and Interaction. Unlock the mysteries of Québec and French-Canadian culture in this exciting, engaging, hands-on workshop! Learn creative ideas and practical strategies for language acquisition that can be easily implemented into any French classroom. Discover the rich culture of Québecois and French-Canadian music, film, literature and sport through the use of comprehensible input and pared down language.

October 2 Dinner:
  AATF AR will be getting French teachers together to go out to eat.  Everyone is welcome.. 

October 3:  Conference and Luncheon

AFLTA State Conference with lots of great workshops
Consider joining us for the AATF luncheon during the lunch break.  We will conduct our annual business meeting followed by a PD session by President, Jennifer Kilmore about collaboration and social media.

Past Immersion Days at AFLTA Conference

2013:  Jayne Abrate:  Food and YouTube
2012:  Madame Fifi:  Virtual Travel

2011:  Jennifer Deacon and Frances vandenHeuvel:  C'est l'histoire:  Fairy Tales, Folklore and Fiction for Francophiles
2010:  Marie Maurannes, Attaché culturelle adjointe; Consolat général de France, Houston, TX
2009:  Collaboration of Members and Amity Teacher:  La Francophonie with Trolley Tour in French of Downtown Little Rock
2008:  Bill Russell:  Cajun Song and Dance
2007:  Dr. Marian Brodman and Dr. Phillip Bailey; UCA
La Francophonie with Film
2006:  Cooking with Jayne Abrate

Teachers take a sample NFC test.

Teachers do character skits at the 2011 Immersion session.